Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. If you have a question
feel free to use the comment form in the side bar to ask it. Questions
which we feel will be commonly asked will have  answers posted on
this page. Other questions will be answered personally. Here are some
standard questions we have already anticipated.

Who may participate in this site?

Do you restrict participants from certain countries?

What payment methods do you accept?

What if I  have no paypal account?

How does the draw work?

How do I know the products are genuine?

Do I have to pay postage if I am a winner?

How are prizes delivered?

Who is responsible for customs duties?

Do prizes come with a warranty?

Who may participate in this site?

Anyone over the age of 18. For participants under the age of 18, parent or guardian consent is required.

Do you restrict participants from certain countries?

Not at this time. However, if we get cheaters predominantly from
certain countries we will consider banning participants from those
countries. Thankfully, the nature of this site means that we are less
likely to suffer scam users since they usually like a ‘sure bet’ when
it comes to receiving electronics

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept paypal and credit card payments (note: credit card payments also go through paypal but you DON’T need a paypal account).

What if I  have no paypal account?

If you don’t have a paypal account but you do have a credit card you
can still pay via paypal even if you don’t have a paypal account.

To open a free paypal account visit paypal.com

How does the draw work?

Once the allocated number of shares have sold the database will be
reviewed and a randomiser script will be run to select the winner. Both
the draw and ordering process will be handled manually to minimise the
risk of cheating. Participants in the offer will be notified via email
that the draw has ended and whether they are the winner.

How do I know the products are genuine?

All Apple products will be ordered directly from the apple website and
shipped directly to the winners. Game consoles and other products
offered will be shipped directly from a variety of official resellers
geographically close to winners.

Do I have to pay postage if I am a winner?

Postage is covered by free-electronics-source or by the supplier.

How are prizes delivered?

All prizes will be delivered by courier and will include tracking
details which will be emailed to the recipient within 24 hours of the
parcel being dispatched. Recipients will need to sign for package.

Who is responsible for customs duties?

Every effort will be made to order the item from a supplier in the
winners country to avoid import duties. In the event that a local
supplier is not available the winner will be responsible for customs
duties. In such cases the item will be marked as a gift with the
wholesale price recorded on the customs sticker to minimise duties
(most countries do not charge duties on gifts)

Do prizes come with a warranty?

Yes, all items come with a standard manufacturers warranty.

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